9 Best Email Archiving Solutions

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Do you have an email ID? Basically, nowadays each of the people has their safe and secure email ids. Mailing is a very common digital-physical transport today. It’s true that half of our work depends upon the mail.

There are different types of mail used by peoples like- Gmail, Yahoo, Zoho, and so on. All are the best and secure emails to use.

Oh, is your email is full of storage? Are you wondering how you can work with your email now? Is the storage problem creating hurdles for you?

Do not worry, If there are any problems then there are its solutions too. The email archiving service can help you with it. Want to know how? Just have a look below…

What Email Archiving MSP Do?

The Archiving MSP will help you to reduce the storage in the mail. It would be helpful for those users who are facing storage problems.

There are some tools that can help you. In this article, we will guide you for 9 best email archiving solutions. So, without wasting your time just have a look below!

Here Are 9 Best Email Archiving Solutions? 100% Helpful

All are very safe, secure, and helpful but you can freely choose any one of the below-stated solutions.

  • SolarWinds MSP Mail Assure- It is good for storage and backup. Even if you have lost all the email data with the help of SolarWinds MSP Mail Assure you can easily restore all the data.
  • Proofpoint Essentials- It will be more helpful to the business holders. If you are also a business handler then this will help you.
  • Barracuda Essentials- It is the best safest and secure archiving solution.
  • Topsec Email Archiving- It will protect your mail from hacking and also provide storage and protect your email from malware attacks.
  • ModusCloud Email Archiving- It provides a free trial for 30 days and you will for sure going to like it.
  • ArcTitan- If you are working with the office then ArcTitan can help you with it.
  • Intradyn Email Archiver- It is the most recommended tool as it provides the best archive servicing.
  • Hornetsecurity Email Archiving- it is best for security purposes.